• Providing guidance and support to our clients since 1996

    Brindando asesoría y soporte a nuestros clientes desde 1996

  • Enhancing social performance in the resource industry

    Mejorando el desempeño de la gestión social en las industrias extractivas

  • Your work is global

    Su trabajo es global

  • Our capacity is local

    Nuestra capacidad es local


On Common Ground is an
international consulting
company specializing in
enhancing social performance
and socially sustainable
outcomes for the global
resource sector.

On Common Ground (OCG) offers a comprehensive range of services supporting social performance and socially sustainable development in the global resource sector. Our clients come to us because we are innovators and leaders in strategic analysis and program design, from policy development and corporate due diligence, through to new approaches that continuously improve socially responsible business practices.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that resource development can and should provide shared benefits to both companies and their stakeholders.

What We Do

OCG is comprised of a core network of highly experienced practitioners offering: