Who We Are


Ann is a Chemical Engineer who has been collaborating with OCG since its founding in 1996. With over of 30 years of work experience, Ann has spent the previous 20 years focused on environmental management and consulting working with companies, organizations, communities, and financial institutions on improving the environmental performance of industrial activities and resource development projects. She has worked directly on the environmental and social impacts of extractive industries in Latin America with extensive experience in the exploration stages of mining. Ann was responsible for developing Vector Engineering’s environmental work in Latin America and played a leadership role in the early stages of exploration permitting in Argentina and Peru. Her work focuses on the development of environmental impact studies, closure plans and remediation efforts, and on the effective communication of technical issues to communities to enhance their ability to make informed and responsible decisions.

More recently Ann has worked on human rights impact assessments, participated in pilot projects in the application of global certification standards for responsible jewelry and, in the advocacy sphere, plays a leadership role in transitioning Vancouver to a more resilient and sustainable society. She is fluent in Spanish with 23 years of living in the Southern Cone of Latin America.

Ann received a Bachelors of Science from the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters of Science from Stanford University.