Gisela Legoas Peña, B.A., Diploma
Regional Manager Latin America – Social Impact Management, Community Development and Human Rights Due Diligence

Gisela is OCG’s senior social and human rights specialist in Latin America, carries out social due diligence assessments for international standards and provides senior strategic guidance to our community engagement work. She has held senior management roles in international mining companies in Peru, most recently Director of both Community Relations and Permitting & Risk Management for regional operations Nyrstar Mining’s Latin American Regional Office in Peru. She trained as a social worker and has more than 25 years of experience working in and with companies in the extractive industries in Latin America, as well as leading social and multidisciplinary consulting teams.

Gisela has designed, managed and implemented standalone human rights risk and impact assessments, as well as human rights impact assessments integrated into social and environmental impact studies. She has carried out social due diligence and human rights risk assessments for financing due diligence in mining, agroindustry and for both the renewable and traditional energy sectors. She has led multidisciplinary teams carrying out environmental and social assessments including mine closure plans, processes of consultation and engagement, and others. She has experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of resettlement, stakeholder mapping, socio-environmental and human rights impact assessments and management plans. Gisela has worked with indigenous peoples and produced community development plans based on international standards (IFC and Equator Principles). 

Gisela is a native Spanish speaker with competency in English and is based in Lima, Peru.
Gisela received her Social Work degree and a Diploma in Intercultural Education from the Pontifical Catholic University, and an MBA from GERENS, Lima, Peru