Susan is a sociologist with over 25 years of experience in rural development, with 17 years working directly in social aspects of the mining and oil and gas sector. She is a leading specialist for socially sustainable resource development and is recognized for her expertise in indigenous rights and international standards. In 1998, she was seconded to the International Finance Corp as one of the first social specialists with that organization and continues to innovate at the leading edge of practice.

Her expertise includes the strategic assessment of relations between communities and resource development activities, strategic planning for CSR and human rights with a focus on leadership in areas of social performance and the development of effective strategies towards long-term relationships and the creation of sustainable benefits for local communities. Susan works at both corporate and project levels to devise strategies that enable resource development clients to transition from compliance to leadership and innovation in the evolving best practices in social performance.

Susan participated extensively in the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD) and led the 2002 study ‘Social Impact Assessment in the Mining Industry’, which has become a standard text at several universities. She directed and was lead author on the 2010 Marlin Mine Human Rights Assessment, one of the first and most public applications of the UN/Ruggie Framework of business responsibility for human rights.

Susan holds a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology from Swarthmore College, USA, a Graduate Diploma of Agricultural Science from Lincoln University College of Agriculture in New Zealand, and an M.Sc. in Development Sociology, from Cornell University, USA.