Founded in 1997, On Common Ground Consultants (OCG) is a specialized international consulting company providing strategic assessment and guidance in achieving social performance in the global resource sector. OCG is comprised of a core group of highly experienced professionals supporting companies to improve their performance and manage risk in the social, cultural, economic and political arenas of resource development. 

The team has both experience and a successful track record navigating the practical challenges encountered on the ground and supporting improved client social performance for the past 25 years, for projects in the mining, oil and gas, power, and infrastructure sectors.

OCG is based in Vancouver, Canada, with professional staff there and in Lima, Peru. The company benefits from the combined backgrounds of OCG’s core team and affiliated Associates who have extensive experience throughout the Americas, as well as global reach and experience in Africa, Australasia, central Asia, and Europe. With our main focus in Latin America, nearly all personnel work comfortably in both English and Spanish.

OCG’s core business is in strengthening social and human rights performance for better social sustainability outcomes for all stakeholders, from early stage project development through startup, operation and closure planning. To evaluate or support client performance, we undertake a range of early due diligence, compliance reviews, and social and human rights assessments as the basis for developing strategies. We work with participative processes for social baselines, capacity building, social development programs, and mediating the renewal and construction of healthy partnerships and relationships. OCG principals and associates have expertise in conflict assessment and management, mediation, design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes and decision analysis. Our professional pool also includes environmental and human rights expertise to enrich
the solution orientation of our services.